Janusz Szpyt

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Janusz Szpyt studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Katowice of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków in Jerzy Duda-Gracz's studio and then at the Faculty of Painting of the AFA in Kraków in the professor Włodzimierz Buczko's studio. In 1983 he collaborated with Piotr Naliwajko and Leszek Żegalski and created The Group of Three (Grupa Trzech), also called Snooty Trio (Tercet Nadęty). Brand New Wild Dadaists (Całkiem Nowi Dzicy Dadaiści), as they perversely called themselves in the published by themselves magazine "Bengal", published a manifesto in which they were calling to the truth in art connected with the value of form, color and technique, opposing widely dominating painting and media junk. "We want the painting to express the spirit of our times in the most possibly individual way, to be humanistic protest of thinking people against all possible signs of evil, to be continuation of our societies' traditions. We want to express that by the painting based on unity of composition, drawing and color, in a word PERFECT PANITING with an excellent knowledge of a technique [...]. "Numerous exhibitions organized at home and abroad by the Group were accompanied by artistic ferment finding its reflection in the press, radio and television.